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Utility Locator

Utility Locator
CPL Detection strives to provide the best most up to date locating services possible. With equipment such as GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), Video Inspections, or Pipe Thumpers, CPL can find anything buried in the ground. Our objective is to ensure that we deliver the level of safety, service, and quality our customers expect.
Before you decide to dig for whatever reason, or excavate for a major construction project, you should always ‘Call Before You Dig’. Damaging underground utilities can be expensive and can be dangerous as well. For example, high voltage lines can be deadly if it were struck accidentally; Fiber optic lines can cost thousands of dollars to repair; gas, water, sewer, communication lines also require safety precautions.
How it works: Utility location identifies and labels public utility mains which are underground. Because different types of materials go into each of these different types of underground lines, different detection and location methods are used. Metal pipes and cables are often done with electromagnetic equipment. Each of our vehicles carries several different types of electronic locators from Radio Detection, Metrotech, Pephorn, and Goldak. Plastic, transit, and non-metallic water lines are found easily with our assorted pipe thumpers. Services like ‘Call Before You Dig’ allow construction workers to contact utility companies who will denote where the utilities are located by color-coding those locations as assigned by the FCC.
Benefits of using CPL:
CPL offers a variety of locating services:
  • Water Line Locating
  • Drain Lines Locating
  • Conduit Locating
  • T.V. Line Locating
  • Telephone Lines
  • Communication Lines
  • Manifolds
  • Gas Line Locating
  • Electrical Lines
  • Sewer Line Locating
  • Cable Lines
  • Trolley Lines
  • Transit & PVC Lines
  • Post Tension Cable
  • Rebar
  • Septic Tanks
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Utility Surveying
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