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Remote Crawler & Video Station Sewer Inspection
Remote video sewer inspection provides an easy and an unmistakable approach to locating problems in sewer and drain lines. Before this technology existed, plumbers blindly probed through pipelines without any guarantee that they identified the problem(s). Although they were able to find the clog, plumbers had problems taking the precise measures to reach complete resolution.
How It Works: CPL can accurately locate further distances. From 6” to 36”, depending on the size, CPL can locate up to 1000’, make 90 degree turns and cut through the toughest conditions. Completely computer remote controlled allows the inspector to make report notes in REAL TIME and burn a DVD right on the spot with the detailed inspection report from the computer.
Benefit: The remote crawler uses the most advanced and newest technology that can inspect pipes and maneuver thru blockages that were unable to be inspected by any other equipment previously. The crawler camera has the ability to pivot in all directions and can zoom in and out. With the video station we can print reports right on the site, adding any and all information to print out on the report. Our technician will then provide you with a DVD copy of your inspection identifying each current and potential future problem.
Video Sewer Inspection
Video sewer inspection provides an easy approach to locating problems in sewer and drain lines as small as 1 ½ ” .
How It Works: CPL uses a non-destructive testing by using a fiber optic camera through your lines. The camera can tilt and pan remotely integrated with an LED light to illuminate the area. Our technician then locates and provides you a full color visual documentation of the problem(s). Our technician will then provide you with a DVD copy of your inspection identifying each current and potential future problem.
Benefit: Video sewer inspection successfully allows for a speedy diagnosis accurately, empowering you to resolve current and potential issues. Because it can identify future problems, you will be able to save time and money by making the necessary steps in fixing minor problems before it becomes a major problem.
Helium Technique
Helium is one of the smallest gas molecules and because it is inert, helium is safe to use instead of hydrogen and will not react to any parts of the materials that are being tested. A helium mass spectrometer is an instrument we use for the small and extremely difficult leaks. Initially developed during World War II, this instrument uses a vacuum chamber in which a sealed container with helium is placed, helium then leaks out of the container, and then the rate of the leak is detected by a mass spectrometer.
How it works: Helium is used as a tracer gas penetrating small leaks rapidly. By inserting helium in the line, CPL can pinpoint a leak with a sensitivity reading as low as 22 parts per million (PPM). We have filled pipes as large a 60” with helium to locate tiny leaks and have experience great success statewide.Benefit: By using this technique, we are able to find smaller leaks which are extremely difficult to locate. This is also useful when it comes to loud environment. We have found that this technique also worked well with small gas leaks provided that the gas has already been turned off.
Gas Leak Detection
If you are smelling gas and there’s a patch of grass that has turned brown or a tree that looks sick, you may have an underground gas leak. CPL uses flame ionization detector (FID) gas sniffers to detect organic compounds. This method is used over other methods because of its higher concentration and flame ionization sensitivity.
How It Works: Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to operate a flame ionization gas detector to detect where the gas leak is coming from. Upon completing the survey, we will provide you with the location and size of the leak representing the potential hazard and provide you with the necessary information to initiate safety procedures and repairs.
Benefit: The method we use, flame ionization detector, can quickly and accurately detect gas leaks. CPL provides service of doing required gas surveys for mobile homes and other facilities that are to be done on an annual basis.
Locating Cable Faults
How It Works: By using high voltage equipment CPL has the ability to pinpoint shorts in cable from irrigation wiring to street lights to high voltage electrical lines.
Benefit: Whether the cable is directly buried or in conduit, we have the experience and ability to help locate the break so you can get your power restored.
Utility Location – Beyond Southern California
CPL offers Utility Location for large construction projects, government and military installations, and major facilities and municipalities throughout North America. CPL has brought our expert location specialists for difficult projects that require skilled, state of the art equipment throughout California, the Southwest Region and beyond. Contact us for more info.